Solar is now accessible to all. Owner or tenant, you have 50m ² of minimum roof well exposed to the sun? Then, be part of an unprecedented operation in total rupture with the traditional offers of the sector!

As the exclusive distributor of a roof rental system solution, GREENLOC offers to install photovoltaic panels without any investment on your part. Thanks to your roof rental, you will receive a guaranteed annual rental income from € 350 to € 400.

The feasibility study, administrative and technical management, installation, maintenance and insurance will be financed for 28 years by a third party investor. GREENLOC limits its program to houses located in the south of France for now, but a deployment is already mentioned on the whole territory.



Greenloc ensures the entire installation process of photovoltaic panels for free

Rente annuelle


Rent your roof and receive guaranteed annual income

Sans engagement


The Greenloc offer is limited, totally free and without any financial commitment on your part


Local authorities, Industrialists, Farmers, Individuals, Architects, Promoters...

What is the concept of the greenloc roof rental program?

The innovative greenloc program is totally out of step with the traditional offers of the photovoltaic sector. It is based on a rental system of roofing for the individual. In exchange for this rental, greenloc installs a photovoltaic micro Centrale for free and undertakes to pay back a rental income of 400 € per year...

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What are the advantages of roofing?

This type of rental requires absolutely no investment, and it brings you a guaranteed income supplement.
There is no hidden cost:
• the feasibility and profitability studies will be carried out by greenloc who will operate your roof,
• installation work, if your application is accepted, will also be the responsibility of greenloc,
• maintenance and service are free.

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How is paid Greenloc?

GREENLOC who pays you rent has everything to gain: it resells the energy produced to EDF, and the gains obtained offset the rent paid to you and installation costs.
If you do not have enough savings to invest in solar but do not want to lose the opportunity to enjoy the sun that heats the roof of your home, then this is the ideal solution.

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What are the eligibility criteria for the GREENLOC program?

• You must be owner or tenant;
• You have a roof of more than 50 m2, facing South, East or West without significant shading;
• Your building is enclosed and covered
• Your building is not located more than 900m above sea level

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The crowdfunding

In order to develop the roof rental program, CAM Energie Service and its subsidiary Greenloc have set up a series of crowdfunding campaign for the financing of photovoltaic plants (9kwc).

Thanks to the crowfunding campaign, individuals can participate to the funding of projects, and offer to eco-savers another way to achieve green and active savings for the energy transition!

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Greenloc may have to cut some trees -if it is not fruit trees- during the installation to ensure maximum sunlight of the photovoltaic power plant.
Aware that this approach goes against its values, Greenloc wanted to engage in a concrete and meaningful action of reforestation.

Greenloc wants to implicate owners of a photovoltaic installation in its comittment by inviting them to plant a tree on the digital plot of Greenloc. We have committed to plant 1,500 trees by the end of 2018!

Discover our plot on the reforestaction website!

Eric T.

I wanted to thank you for your support in our installation of solar panels on our roof. It was not an easy job, considering the shape and conditions of access to our roof, the heat of recent months and especially, the fact that we were not present during the installation. Despite this, the appointments were always punctually honored and our site very well followed.

Je souhaitais vous remercier pour votre accompagnement dans notre démarche d’installation de panneaux solaires sur notre toit. Ce n’était pas un travail facile, au vue de la forme et des conditions d’accès à notre toiture, de la chaleur de ces derniers mois et surtout, du fait que nous n’étions pas présents lors de l’installation. Malgré cela, les rendez-vous étaient toujours ponctuellement honorés et notre chantier très bien suivi.

Herault (34)

Vivianne P.

I am fully satisfied with the work done by the installation teams that I met at home, those who placed the panels, all those who worked at home, both on their kindness, their politeness during the whole time of the installation, that the quality of the work properly done.

Je suis pleinement satisfaite du travail effectué par les équipes d’installateurs que j’ai eu à rencontrer chez moi, ceux qui ont placé les panneaux, tous ceux qui ont travaillé chez moi, tant sur leur gentillesse, leur politesse pendant tout le temps de l’installation, que la qualité du travail correctement et proprement fait.

Gironde (33)

Bernard N.

The installation of the photovoltaic panels was carried out by a team of young, dynamic and serious workers. We were very satisfied with their work and their discretion. Thank you to them and GreenLoc for their service.

L’installation des panneaux photovoltaïques a été effectuée par une équipe d’ouvriers, jeune, dynamique et sérieuse. Nous avons été très satisfaits de leur travail et de leur discrétion. Merci à eux et à la société GreenLoc pour leur service.

Hérault (34)

Odette l.

I am very satisfied with the reception, the administrative service and the follow-up of my file.

Je suis très satisfaite au niveau de l’accueil, du service administratif et du suivi de mon dossier.

Var (83)